Beta: FlopzillaPro v2.1.0

We are happy to anounce the release of FlopzillaPro!
Click here to download the beta (changelist).

FlopzillaPro is the all new and improved version of Flopzilla.
Although at first glance it appears to be identical to Flopzilla v1, many new features have been added.

Before we beging listing the new features, we would just like to take away any concerns about pricing.
FlopzillaPro is included with Flopzilla v1, and free to all our users.

If you're using a display with ultra-high resolution, then FlopzillaPro may be displayed very small.
You can use Shift+Mousewheel to enlarge the window.

Ultra fast calculations
Calculations are even faster than before.
Heads-up equity calculations are performed nearly instantly when any change is made to the ranges.

It's even possible to enumerate 3-way postflop equity calcs in as little as one second (pic).
FlopzillaPro is the only tool in existence that is capable of this.
None of our competitors come even close.

Group mode
Groups are now available (pic).
By switching to group mode, different colors of filters can be assigned to different hand types.
This will allow you to, for example, visualize the ratio of made hands vs draws.

New multiway mode
Would you like to perform multiway calculations? (pic)
For this just switch to multiway mode and perform calculations between up to 10 different ranges (or even more if you like).
Several different output modes are available: Equity tables, graphs, pie charts, an equity matrix and hotness.

Export to/import from GTO+
FlopzillaPro can communicate with our GTO solver GTO+.
By pressing Ctrl+F in GTO+, its active ranges will instantly be exported to FlopzillaPro.
It's even possible to perform live exports to FlopzillaPro when playing versus GTO+'s "Play against the solution" feature.
See the video below for a short demonstration.
If you don't own GTO+ then you can test it for free with its trial flop of Td9d6h.

Detailed breakdowns of preflop stats
FlopzillaPro offers breakdowns of preflop stats in far greater detail than have ever been available before.
Do you want to know how often your range hits top pair on a paired two-flush board? (example).
Or the ratio of hitting a full house on a two-flush board versus a rainbow board?
FlopzillaPro can tell you instantly, with no calculation time being needed.

Flop breakdown tool: How often do certain types of flops occur?
A flop breakdown tool has been added as well (example).
It will tell you exactly how many types of each flop exist.

For example, there's 18304 paired flops, 1872 unpaired flops and 52 trip flops.
There's 1344 ways for an A high unpaired flop to exist where the two other cards are 8 or lower.
And there's 144 rainbow Kxx flops where the bottom cards are connected, but the K is >3 gaps away from middle card.

Customizable postflop stats
An editor has been added so that you can create your own custom stats (example).
So, if you need a stat that shows how often you hold "no pairs, no draws", then you can create this yourself.

Intuitive interface, smooth learning curve
We have taken great care to keep the overall appearance the same as v1, so that books/videos/etc still apply.
We hope that it will make it easy for users of v1 to switch to FlopzillaPro.