HoldEq: Changelist

v1.1.8 (9/5/2019)
- Some smallish changes

v1.1.7 (22/11/2017)
- Some smallish changes

v1.1.4 (31/5/2016)
- Bugfix

v1.1.3b (18/3/2016)
- Re-uploaded with new signature

v1.1.3 (29/12/2015)
- Added equity matrix
- Bugfix

v1.1.0 (9/4/2015)
- Heads up flop calcs about twice as fast
- Added text output to tables in GraphTools
- Some new graphics

v1.0.8 (25/2/2015)
- Ability to select flop or turn as last equity calc board card
- Hidden option to force Monte Carlo (F2)
- Various bug fixes and improvements

v1.0.7 (3/2/2015)
- Can now display that a stat is being moused over in Flopzilla (pic)
- Various bug fixes and improvements

v1.0.6 (10/12/2014)
- Can now summon graph that shows equities of individual starting hands for both ranges
- Can now load range like AA,[50]KK[/50],[40]QQ[/40] into range editor
- Added link to instructional video
- Changes in communication protocol with Flopzilla
- Various minor improvements

v1.0.5 (29/9/2014)
- Ability to store window position
- Ability to force window to always be on top
- Changes relevant to new key request system
- Various bug fixes and improvements

v1.0.4 (24/6/2014)
- Input such as 67% now loaded into starting hand matrix when editing range
- Version number now shown in title bar
- Fixed bug where in some cases screen turned gray

v1.0.3 (1/4/2014)
- Input such as 67% is now also possible
- Mouse scroll now also allows 33.3% and 66.7%
- Hotness data now also sent to Flopzilla (if available)
- HoldEq compensates for custom DPI settings
- Slider in starting hand dialog now also displays its %
- Added "minimize" button to HoldEq's window
- Typing * now changes range to "all hands"
- Right-clicking the starting hand button will clear the input field
- Some new graphics
- Other changes and bugfixes

v1.0.2 (28/2/2014)
- HoldEq can now connect to Flopzilla (v1.6.6 or higher)
- Removed random and delete quickbuttons
- Calc button in main screen reflects what HoldEq is doing
- Software can now perform postflop multiway calcs
- Color of equity field now depends on equity (green=good, red=bad)
- Mouse wheel can be used to change weight in starting hand dialog
- Other changes and bugfixes

v1.0.1 (8/1/2014)
- If editing range manually a->A, k->K, q->Q, etc.
- Progress bar now shown on long calcs
- Input dialogs for board and dead cards
- Quickbuttons for "all hands", "delete" and "select hand"
- Color of output window depends on equity
- Added "Text output" button; can also be used for input

- Original beta release.