Flopzilla registration

Flopzilla registration involves a one-time registration fee of $25.

After this you will be added to the Flopzilla database and you will be entitled to register the current version of Flopzilla, as well as update to the latest version at any point in the future.

There are no other fees after that.
No yearly subscription fees, no administration fees or anything like that.
There is also not going to be a Flopzilla 2 where you need to pay all over again.
It's one payment and that's it.

Even people who registered as early as 2009 when Flopzilla was first released are still receiving free updates today.
Flopzilla was a much more basic tool in 2009 and new features have been added ever since.
At no point was anyone ever required to pay for an upgrade.

Even HoldEq, which is an equity calculator that can connect to Flopzilla, is available free of charge to registered Flopzilla users. So even this expansion software is included in the price as well.