Free extra software: HoldEq

Download v1.1.8
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Instructional video

It is recommended to watch this video in full-screen.

HoldEq is an equity calculator with the following features:
- Fast calculations
- Capable of handling weights
- Capable of handling suit selection
- Can connect to Flopzilla to import whatever range is selected in it (see below for instructions)
- Can show equities of individual hands in both a graph and a table
- Can show equities for next board card in both graph and table (for flop+turn calculations)

This tool comes free with Flopzilla.

Flopzilla contains an item called "HoldEq" in its menu.
Press it to receive your HoldEq key.
Click on the "Register" button in HoldEq to enter your key and activate the software.

Connecting to Flopzilla

Note: HoldEq can only connect to Flopzilla v1.7.0 or higher.
Note: "Settings->Allow connections to HoldEq" must be ON in Flopzilla.

You can use the connect buttons to the right of the input fields to connect to Flopzilla.

Here, it is also possible to connect to multiple windows of Flopzilla.
In order to do that, just start Flopzilla as many times as you like.

Run as admin
In order to connect to Flopzilla, you will need to run HoldEq as admin.
To do so, right-click HoldEq's icon and select properties:


And now go to the "Compatibility tab, select "Run this program as an administrator" and press "Apply":



Tip 1: In order to select "all hands" in the range field, just press *
Tip 2: In order to clear the range field, right-click the "select specific hand" button
Tip 3: You can also enter input like 65% in the range field for the top X% of hands

More screenshots

Range editor (supports weights and suit selection):

Graph+tables of equities of individual starting hands:

Equity matrix: